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We offer a 180-day warranty against mechanical failure with the exception of Water Damage.

We would First like you to Email us your Problems as many issues can be fixed or adjusted by yourself.

We will repair your product within the warranty period provided that:

  • The item has a manufacturer defect.
  • The item does not function according to the specifications on the web site.
  • The customer assumes all shipping expenses.
  • The replacement is the same model as the original purchase, If you wish to change for some other Model there would be a 30US$ Charge
  • The item(s) matches the item(s) on our invoice records.

Warranty does not cover the following occurances:

  • Mishandled merchandise by Customer
  • Cracked glass
  • Battery failure
  • Unreasonable wear and tear of any kind
  • Damage Caused by Water

No returns will be accepted without:

  • A prior e-mail stating the specific problem.

(Wait until you hear back from us.)

If the watch needs to be sent back to us Please include the following information Below and we will Email you our Address for Shipping the product back to us.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Detailed Description of the Problem

For More instructions on our Warranty, Please Contact us

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