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Rolex watches dedicated his life
Speaking of luxury watches in various types of status, there is a saying, "the poor play cars, rich people play the table." The meaning conveyed by a watch, it was said to be "a continuation of the message of life" If you want to go to the Swiss auction Rolex watches, you do not have to visit Switzerland, you have the opportunity in Beijing. Recently, the Swiss collector Moondani table, Mr. (Guido Mondani) with his collection of more than 20 years of Rolex watches more than 400 treasures appeared only in Beijing, just as a private museum with a watch. As long as you like, you can not only visit, you can also bid. Mansion in the bright light March 19, 2006, from "Fashion Time" magazine with the Swiss firm Antiquorum auction co-hosted "Fashion Home home" media effort to support the "2006 Private Lists auction preview the world (Beijing) Exhibition Tour" in Beijing "Imperial City in the Acura luxury" NAGA held the upper house. Plus luxury watches, people always have an indescribable longing. This is since the founding, the country's most magnificent watches auction preview, preview exhibits only a single valuation from 60 thousand to 3 million yuan range, a total of more than 400 pieces total close to astronomical. After the exhibition in Beijing, these watches will also show two days in Shanghai. Behind the display is Antiquorum auction tireless efforts, as only an auction company specializing in watches, more than 30 years, Antiquorum auction created in the previous one by a table altar myth. 56 watches in the main auction will shoot up in the price of one million Swiss francs, of which 44 only through the Antiquorum auction out. In 2002, Antiquorum amazing, sold 660 million Swiss francs (403 million) by 1939 gained a lot of a platinum-made Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) watch, created the world watches the highest auction price. Antiquorum company originally Preview cities: Geneva, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. But China's huge market watch collections so that they decided to create one-stop Beijing, in order to meet the urgent desire of collectors. For watch lovers in China, the global flow of pre-show is more like Rolex, Block Museum. No need to travel to each and every visitor can taste the world's most rare and most precious Rolex watches. Need peerless last tour For the Chinese watch lovers in general, Mr. Zero feel Montargis 400 only Rolex is a kind of enjoyment, because there's very many collections were not witnessed in the country. But even the most experienced collectors, if bidding in person to participate in Geneva, Switzerland, is not an easy thing, but this time, such problems no longer exist. Because the House of Lords held in Beijing NAGA this preview to accept the participation of local buyers register. Even if you do not personally go to Geneva, but also hunt to his heart meter section. April 1, 2006, West Fool's Day party, but watch for the collection, there will be a grand meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Han'an Gulun Lao Cialis Session Auction (upper half) will be held in this. Because many collections Montargis, one filming for too long, so Han'an Gulun Lao Session Cialis lower half of the auction, choose another auspicious day, chosen in mid-May 2006, still in Geneva. The exhibition in Beijing the day, gathered together, guests gathered. In ancient and modern, the perfect blend of dignity and taste NAGA upper house, the lights staggered field gorgeous gorgeous against the background, so the show is more luxurious boutique Rolex character. With the famous Rolex experts from the United States Erich A · Lorenz talks, hundreds of guests together savoring the rich watch this Road gluttonous. Fall in love with antique watch All exhibits, different, but all belong to the same individual. These are from the Rolex collection in the field of world-class collectors - from Italy, aged 60, Mr. Montargis. As the owner of a large publisher, in 1986, his wife of 20 years ago, sent his 41-year-old birthday present, it is a moon phase display gold Rolex watch (Ref.8171), which let him love at first sight, it became his collection The first only Rolex. Within a short space of 20 years, Montargis love this brand makes him the world's leading Rolex collectors. His collection of Rolex watches, a complete system, the design is complete and very precious, rare items, alone accounted for a large proportion of goods. Montargis, said: "I for my Rolex collection of happy and proud, as they watch not only high quality, but also includes many of the Rolex passionate watch collectors are interested in the limit. The Watch Experts called by the world's best collection of watches. "So by this preview, including watches, art collectors, critics and industry figures attention. Watch display shows the various models ofRolex watches in the style of the world, but also demonstrates the full master collection. In fact, Montargis word, the authenticity of an antique Rolex should we sentence. Montargis to buy their own form of principle, not 100% sure to 100% will not buy. The most powerful is Moondani grasp the knowledge of some Rolex, Rolex on their own do not even know. He was also a lot of collectors as the most private collectors have the level of Rolex. The auction of his collection of Rolex, his collection of 20 years, all auctions are full, it also reflects the most essential aspect of collector - no matter how high collection levels are the fun into which he can collection so much, we can go all them at auction. Because the collection in kind of leave, not to take away the brand intangible elements collectors love. Today, these watches several decades ago still gorgeous, gorgeous, record the passage of time in historical memory, but also into the collector's personal feelings.
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