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Rolex Award to expand his talents a little wei first
And far-reaching impact of the project young people, a number of relevant institutions, organizations and individuals will be invited to nominate as a candidate. Accepted the nomination of people will fill out an application form, indicating the scope of its research projects, objectives and feasibility. An independent jury will ultimately determine the 5 in the promotion of human knowledge and well-being has tremendous potential winners.

Each winner will be within two years, get 5 million in prize money. During the first year will receive 25,000 U.S. dollars prize money, they will be able to concentrate on research projects; the second year they will receive another 25,000 U.S. dollars prize money, for the promotion of the project's development. Rolex Awards for young people who can provide additional support to help them to engage in related activities, thus further enhance the research value.

Youth Yusai plan would not replace theRolex Award Yusai Wei slightly, but an important supplement to award. 2010 will be the selection of out of five youth Yusai program winners, while the 2012 Rolex Awards Yusai Wei will also be released a little winning five awards and five Merit Award winners. These two are held every two years alternating interludes of awards will be held.

Rolex Philanthropy

Rolex, another global charity projects - Rolex GRAFIK Recommended Scheme (Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative), also reflects the constantly promote the next generation's commitment to excellence. GRAFIK recommended scheme brings together new and established masters of the arts, in music, dance, literature, theater, film and visual arts, a one-co-operation.

Creative Arts Funding Scheme and Youth Yusai recommended plans are an outstanding young people in a critical moment of his career, a time for gift delivery. In the Rolex's support, these ambitious young people will work to upgrade to a new level, thus the surrounding community and the world contribute.

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