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Lists seize the Chinese market, is expected to cut tariffs on luxury goods
Recently, my favorite brand Jaeger-LeCoultre grand launch Chinese website, most of the Girard Perregaux contents have been reflected in Chinese. Enter the Chinese website pages to see the top of the post will be clearly arranged in a Gucci replica watches few eye-catching title, which includes integrated full-line product introductions, product features big complex set of tables Hybris Mechanica detailed technical information, is located in the Swiss Jura valley of Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory The historical development and pride in high watchmaking technology, as well as the family plot sales outlets around the world and so on. Jaeger-LeCoultre Hublot replica watches watch for the vast number of Chinese fans, for both the search product information of interest, or understanding of the brand's latest developments, or enjoy the classic museum collections, and even view the product through the network cameras, real-time changes in the plant to pass through the Chinese-language Web site to achieve the purpose of the plot. The site's home page in Chinese can see the three concern the right of the contents of the plot were home in Sharon, la Haute Horlogerie in 2010 to launch the latest products, product family to launch the brand in the Facebook page, at the same time for the I Phone mobile phone users, but also in the phone's App Store to download the brand process, to experience the fun of high-level complex tabulation. In addition, for the plot was highly praised at home and watch enthusiasts, as well as friends in the media, but also by Le Club (plot clubs) and the Media Center register as a user, you can receive regular news of interest to the brand. At present a number of luxury brands vie with one another to start Chinese language website, a second-tier cities have launched flagship store can be described as pairs of Chinese consumers do your homework. From the previous high profile, and now embodied in all initiatives to meet the various high-end luxury to the Chinese market, adequate attention. In addition, whether to talk a lot last year, the Ministry of Commerce are brewing luxury tariff reduction program to be implemented is a strong confirmation of it?
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