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Top watch Tour in china
November 10, the Christian Dior world's top watch brands Athens table and has a century-old Hendry watches line strong alliance, friendship, located in Tianjin, North Road, Hendry clock line held the "Museum of Athens's top pinch wire cloisonne painting, Zhen Technology Concord replica watches Watch Question 3 Tour, "opening reception. Opening reception site, Hendry internal clocks with the World Bank, one of the Top Ten in Athens watch for the first time brought to the table more than 30 museums in Tianjin Tibet cloisonne found painted watch and watch while the top three questions is even more luxurious . Welcome to the House looked at the display site and a number of top-level watch, watch shop has sensible Hendry Chen Hui-right author, said: "compared to the clock timing function, high-end watches are even more a person's identity status, a symbol of quality. " The Corum replica watches highlight of more than 30 pieces of top-quality exhibits, including the Shenyang Imperial Palace has recently been the permanent collection of the Temple of Heaven painted cloisonne watch, as well as integrating the activities of filigree painted with the three-dimensional puppet dream Acura - hunting three watches and other valuable Q top watch. Exclusive Dialogue: Athens, Greater China general manager of the table YAN Ting-peng The opening reception, Athens, general manager of Greater China, YAN Ting-pang table also came to the scene for guests details of more than 30 pieces of this precious watch. In an interview with Mr. Yen began, I noticed his wrist was also wearing a beautiful Athens, table, also by a piece of watch the interview began. "Tonight Economic Weekly" (hereinafter referred to as "Weekly"): you first tell us about your wrist a piece of the table bar. YAN Ting-Peng: I have this table with a golden eagle called three repeater dolls repeater. Dial is black agate, the above figures are with 18K gold hand-carved out of. Strap using produced in the United States in Louisiana crocodile leather made from the world's best, all with hand-sewn, so this table is very comfortable to wear them. Asked the biggest feature of the table is that it will issue its own voice timekeeping, the most powerful is that no matter what time, as long as the wearer wants to know the time table will be asked to accurately report the time. For example the table on a piece of golden bell person, if the time is 8 points, the table people will knock the bell next to a small, under 8 minutes, will be issued eight sound crisp sound. In addition, a fraction will be accurately reported, a few carved. Also, ask the table every time the newspaper by mechanical control, displaying the delicate operation of mechanical processes. "Weekly": an introduction to a piece of your wrist table again to talk about the tour. Athens Table Why did you choose this tour and Tianjin as an important stop it? YAN Ting-Peng: We chose Tianjin as the one-stop tour of China, mainly because of Tianjin's economic development level and consumption levels are steadily rising, while the Athens table is one of the world's Top Ten Lists. This time we will watch the Swiss Museum of class into Tianjin in the hope of Tianjin's high-end consumers and the general public on the Athens table has a deeper understanding. Exciting is that in the scene I have seen some of Tianjin have been worn table in Athens.
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