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An antique clock collections of ball pressure on bell
Ball pressure bell is the most suitable for display in the Mont Blanc Replica watches auditorium of the stuff, I saw a clock collector's home had a. This thing is more than imitation, but his house, which is really an antique. Seems the entire clock movements glittering displays run high about 50 cm above the water tankers have a similar kind of Dazhuan Pan, dial the right number of small steel balls hanging grid. The right side has a major chain, is used to complement the ball.

This ball is also pressure to use the pendulum clock, the pendulum is located behind the movement, the clock power is derived from the gravity of those rolling balls down. In fact, it is equivalent to a form of heavy hammer.

Pressure on the ball clock ball, useful large, are also useful for relatively small. I have seen the largest and almost the equivalent of the elderly in his hand back and forth wandering around the activities of the kind of ball the size of finger bones, each weight should be around 200 grams. Bowling ball on a number of minutes the pressure range with large ball about more than 10, with a small ball is to have dozens.

If you use large steel ball, resulting in power which "waterwheel" rotation is slower, about 4 hours for each interval will be falling down a ball, but again the ball back to it filling positions, to be hand inspection. When falling down a ball, they position the ball inside from the above on an automatic replenishment. It turned out I was in Beijing Xin Cang watch and jewelery shop, seen a relatively large ball pressure bell, by their own called the "Zhendian's treasure", the price is very expensive, sell more than 30 million yuan.

My friend's house this ball pressure bell is a small ball, about every 5 minutes a ball will fall down. The surprise is also wind-bell! But is not winding watch in order to provide the energy to go, but to enhance that a small ball used. Then the potential use of these balls produced, so that clock moving. The clock is relatively small balls, about one centimeter in diameter and more particularly the fast release cycles. Winding through the gears and chains, automatic clock added to the bowling ball, each falling one month immediately Bushang Yi, chains in the dynamic and static when the ball quite large. Balls in the supplementary and fall, when all of the fonts of the chute, can see them rolling and slide.

Any smart ideas, but the mechanical structure, and can automatically trigger the cyclical nature is a common feature. Get out and supply of steel balls, the ball rolling in orbit, that is, the extension of its novelty and display. But I feel that the clock should have had a big glass sub-fishes, such as antique clock glass big, but also expensive, and easy to damage and can be well preserved very little.

There is also a ball clock, but it is not, as the clock power ball, but as a function of the escapement, the release of tooth use. And it is only a special small-ball, on a plate, along the trough-shaped to roll, the minutes after the re-introduction.
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