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2010 New top-level watch: the money does not buy
As the most expansive of the platinum metals gold, if they are used for high complexity of functional mechanical watches, and more highlight the watch noble qualities, much favored by celebrity politicians.

2010, Vacheron Constantin platinum applied to the extreme, the introduction of three platinum watch features highly complex material, which Patrimony Traditionnelle "Caliber 2253" Watch the most cause for concern. Designers in the use of platinum to play vividly, including the diameter of 43 mm of the case, engraved with "PT950" the words of the dial, crown and semi-Maltese cross logo buckle folding table, in addition, sharp sword-shaped hour hand on the dial is also made with platinum, which challenges the production technology of the new height.

The new 2253 model movement shows sunrise and sunset time, the time equation, perpetual calendar and tourbillon functions, with Geneva Seal, the thickness is only 9.6 millimeters, from 457 parts composition. Dial smooth and frosted by the alternate treatment, fine-scale spiral pattern-minute circle, circular dial and diamond polishing, Vice Patterns within the fillet. Xiangtie hours in order to scale and the Maltese Cross symbol made of platinum, water depth of 30 meters.

Baume & Mercier Classima 2010 a new series of watches

Classima Classima Executives XL hollow windows and power storage display watch

In 2009, sales of luxury goods a Franck Muller Watches year in mainland China reached 9.6 billion. China's 1000 billionaires, three million millionaires, and more rich people are not statistics, showing the Ebel Watches love of luxury, but watches more rich people's loved ones. Distinguished platinum watch, highlight temperament hollow men watch, mechanical watch, personalized ceramic watch, in recent years are deeply rich people's preference. Then, in 2010, those who watch the Corum Watches world's top brands, has launched what is worth buying the new rich in China do?

The new Vacheron Constantin watch features platinum high-complexity

Patrimony Traditionnelle "Caliber 2253" watch, limited edition 10 pieces

Key words: hollow

Classima launched in 2010 a new series of replica watches designed to present a completely new meaning, whether it is mature and prudent business people or a vibrant city of adventurers, or both, Classima are their most good choice. Silver dial decorated with a "grain d'orge" shaped Microhyla through the 12 o'clock position of the hollow windows can be placed Tuo graceful swinging posture at a glance.

The power reserve watch which can display at 6 o'clock position of 18K red gold hands on a dedicated instruction set on a move to show. Black Roman numerals and hour markers with Microhyla dial decorated with the sun, full of gorgeous low-key. Transparent sheet back to show perfect technique's exquisite watchmaking: engraved with Geneva Microhyla automatic-winding movement, fine grinding of the movement plywood, blue steel screws off each other, a perfect example of a traditional watchmaking. Crown insignia engraved with Baume & Mercier brand Phi, details of the Department demonstrate distinguished quality.

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